• I never considered myself to be beautiful. Now I can confidently say that I am worthy.


  • Coming to mentoring has inspired me to dream big. I’m excited about my future and looking forward to college.


  • The Clubhouse is like my home away from home. These girls are my sisters for life.


  • My Girlfriend’s House gave me something to believe in. It makes me happy to know I am not alone.


  • I was always afraid to speak in front of large crowds. Now I have a voice that is powerful, impactful and unapologetic.


Founder’s Message


“An empowered girl is a change maker: An empowered girl will:
1. Stay healthy; 2. Save Money; 3. Build a business; 4. Empower her community.
5. Lift her country: Change the World!”

This quote captures the true spirit, purpose, importance and need for organizations like My Girlfriend’s House.

I founded the organization in 2010 after a period of reflection. At that point in my life, I had reached a level of personal success that I worked hard for and was now in a comfortable position. However, something felt like it was missing. I’ve always had a passion for empowering women and girls to be better, so why not do something about it, starting now.

I know that as women, we sometimes lose ourselves in the craziness that is our lives. My goal was to lend a helping hand and share my many blessings, skills, and life lessons to uplift and empower. I truly believe that a group of strong, independent, and intelligent women can do anything; so I took on the challenge of building a community of rock-star women with impeccable skills, high confidence, and the desire to give back.

My Girlfriend’s House is a personal labor of love. Being in a position to empower teenage girls while also working with other women in the community with similar goals is something I cherish greatly. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously and am humbled to find myself in a position to help. It is my belief that to whom much is given, much is expected, and I believe that I’m not the only woman of success capable of giving back to those in need.

I want to challenge other women in positions such as my own, to step up to the plate, embrace the community around them, and dare to make a change.

Much love,
Veronica Eyenga
Executive Director & Founder