• I never considered myself to be beautiful. Now I can confidently say that I am worthy.


  • Coming to mentoring has inspired me to dream big. I’m excited about my future and looking forward to college.


  • The Clubhouse is like my home away from home. These girls are my sisters for life.


  • My Girlfriend’s House gave me something to believe in. It makes me happy to know I am not alone.


  • I was always afraid to speak in front of large crowds. Now I have a voice that is powerful, impactful and unapologetic.


Our Impact

Creating lasting solutions that uplifts and empowers a community of teen girls.

Our girls do better in school, make healthier choices than their peers and contribute hundreds of hours of service to their community.

Our program has a significant, positive impact on girls’ lives across a broad spectrum of developmental outcomes. Everything we do is designed to help at-risk youth succeed. That’s why our girls consistently out perform their peers when it comes to school achievement, healthy choices and behaviors and civic engagement.

Social-emotional skills represent one of the greatest predictors of college and career readiness and academic success. Our programs helped achieve a 95% increase in the number of students classified as having strong social-emotional learning skills, such as self-awareness, responsible decision making, establishing healthy relationships and goal setting.

Our mentoring approach is drawing high praise from school administrators and parents for its ability to improve the academic performance, attendance and attitude, and reduce discipline issues, expulsion and dropout rates of their most at-risk girls. By reducing and eliminating high risk factors, 92% of girls have avoided criminal activity and disciplinary problems in school and a minimum of 61% of girls have made measurable academic progress by improving their grades in one or more classes.

While we have developed multiple methods to evaluate our impact no surveys, statistics or words can ever document the remarkable positive changes our mentors and staff see in our girls on a weekly basis.