• I never considered myself to be beautiful. Now I can confidently say that I am worthy.


  • Coming to mentoring has inspired me to dream big. I’m excited about my future and looking forward to college.


  • The Clubhouse is like my home away from home. These girls are my sisters for life.


  • My Girlfriend’s House gave me something to believe in. It makes me happy to know I am not alone.


  • I was always afraid to speak in front of large crowds. Now I have a voice that is powerful, impactful and unapologetic.


Shelter Room Makeover Party

The Shelter Room Makeover Party is an outreach effort designed to uplift women living in homeless shelters by renovating their rooms into hotel-styled suites. Every year through student and volunteer efforts, My Girlfriend’s House selects two area shelters to completely renovate and design including purchasing new home décor, painting, hanging wall paper, buying new furniture, and more! Our girls work with a mentor to manage the project from inception to completion, learning interior design and time-management techniques, all the while helping the less fortunate in the community.

Through this day-long project, our girls learn the importance of giving back to those less fortunate than themselves. Our girls see first-hand what it is like to live in a shelter and how a little bit of help goes a long way. With the help of volunteers, they work as part of a team to renovate the living areas and create an oasis for the residents.


  • Learn the importance of giving back
  • Complete community service hours
  • Leadership skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Design experience


  • 150 shelters have been supported as a result of this program
  • 250 blankets and pillows have been distributed to homeless men, women, and children in DC
  • 375 have been distributed to those living on the streets in DC

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